Internet Governance Coalition Supports the Nomination of David Redl for NTIA Administrator

May 17, 2017

Internet Governance Coalition Supports the Nomination of David Redl for NTIA Administrator

WASHINGTON— President Trump yesterday nominated David Redl to be the Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information within the United States Department of Commerce and Administrator of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA). The NTIA is the Executive Branch agency responsible for advising the President on telecommunications and information policy issues and preparing for United States participation in international telecommunications conferences and negotiations. The below statement can be attributable to the Internet Governance Coalition:

“The Internet Governance Coalition, representing companies from across the Internet ecosystem, strongly supports the nomination of David Redl. He is impeccably qualified to serve as NTIA Administrator, and the Internet Governance Coalition encourages the U.S. Senate to complete his confirmation process as quickly as possible.”

“As the top communications and technology counsel in Congress, David Redl has been a leading advocate for an open, transparent, representative, and accountable multistakeholder model for the Internet’s governance and growth.”

During his tenure as Chief Counsel for the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, Mr. Redl played a central role in shaping and overseeing policies to promote the benefits of communications technology for all users, ensure more efficient use of radio spectrum by the federal government, and facilitate the free flow of commerce in domestic and international telecommunications.

“It is vital that the United States continue its active global leadership in supporting a free, open, secure, and stable Internet, and no one is better suited to fill that role from day one than Mr. Redl. Indeed, the NTIA Administrator position needs to be filled quickly given the fast-approaching International Telecommunication Union (ITU) meetings and other events that could have a substantial impact on a wide range of Internet-related issues, including the upcoming 2017 ITU Council and World Telecommunication Development Conference.”


The Internet Governance Coalition is an industry-led coalition that advocates for policies that ensure a safe, secure, open, interoperable, and global internet as the underlying foundation for sustainable economic and social development.  The coalition’s broad representation from the communications, internet, and related industries includes AT&T, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Comcast NBCUniversal, Facebook, GoDaddy. Google Inc., Juniper Networks Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Telefónica, S.A., The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner Cable Inc., Twenty-First Century Fox Inc., and Verizon Communications Inc.

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