The Internet Governance Coalition is an industry-led coalition with broad representation from across the Internet ecosystem, that advocates for policies that ensure a safe, secure, open, interoperable, and global Internet as the underlying foundation for sustainable economic and social development. Coalition principles include:

  • Policies must ensure a safe, secure, open, interoperable, and sustainable Internet.
  • Policies must stimulate sustainable investment in and deployment of Internet networks and the industries and services that create demand for those networks.
  • Policies must support opening and maintaining international markets in a way that allows for the seamless flow of digital services, applications, products, and information.
  • Policies must foster innovation across Internet networks, services, and other sectors in the Internet ecosystem, including ensuring the protection of intellectual property.
  • Policies must support increased transparency and openness in intergovernmental organizations and multistakeholder mechanisms, to ensure that all stakeholders can participate meaningfully in key Internet policy discussions.  The quality of Internet governance decisions increases when diverse stakeholders choose to actively and consistently participate.
  • Policies must support capacity building and implementation of best practices in relation to network security.
  • Policies must support the rule of law which governments have primary responsibility for advancing.

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